If you thought no-one could be worse than Iain Duncan Smith…

Work and Pensions Secretary, Stephen Crabb, has suggested that there are further welfare cuts on the way, despite having said just 2 months ago that there were ‘no further plans’ for welfare cuts, following the government’s u-turn over cuts to Personal Independence Payment.

Not satisfied with the £12bn of cuts set out in the Tories’ manifesto last year, he has said that he wants the cuts to go even deeper than this.

“The measures that have either already been legislated for or announced get us to the £12 billion.

“Does that mean welfare reform comes to an end? I would say no.”

So, by his own admission, there is no manifesto mandate to implement further cuts to welfare, other than those already known about. Any further cuts would therefore be purely an ideological attack on some of the most vulnerable people in society.

I hope that there is another government u-turn very quickly on this, which will no doubt be delivered via a DWP ‘clarification’ of his statements, to help save face for the government.