It’s not “Project Fear” if it’s a warning about likely consequences

Bob is walking towards an open manhole.

Bill says, “Watch out, Bob. You’re walking towards an open manhole. If you fall you could break your legs, your arms, your ribs, your collarbone, your head, etc.”

Bob says “Don’t you threaten me, Bill!”

So Bob continues walking onwards despite the warnings, and plunges down the hole and breaks his legs, his arms, his ribs, his collarbone, his head, etc.

Bill wasn’t trying to scare Bob – he was simply warning him that it would hurt if he carried on walking.

Yet every time someone from the Remain campaign states a warning of what leaving the EU could mean for the UK, they’re labelled as using threatening language, and being part of “Project Fear”.

Warnings about likely consequences of Brexit aren’t threats, especially when the warnings are backed up by so many experts.

But warnings from the Leave campaign about things that are misleading, untrue, or not going to happen anytime soon (if ever), certainly are “Project Fear”.