Building the housing that Salford needs for the future

The topic of where to build new housing is always a thorny issue for any council, and Salford is no different.

Our city needs an additional 30,000+ homes to be built in the next few years, but the great news for Salford is that the majority of these are already being developed or planned for on brownfield sites.

But most of these are apartments, and there is also a need to build a small number of traditional homes too.

Finding the right balance of increasing the amount of housing available in a city, while not creating problems such as insufficient infrastructure, is always a challenge. This means that the council will not be able to place all of these in areas already developed, but will also need to build a small percentage of homes further out from the centre of Salford, on some greenfield sites. These larger groups of houses need to be built in new places, to enable the right levels of supporting development to be constructed around them, such as roads, schools, and health facilities.

Here is Salford Council’s Lead Member for Planning & Sustainable Development, Cllr Derek Antrobus, talking about the new housing that is being built across Salford & Greater Manchester, and how Salford is stepping up to the challenges ahead.

You can read Salford’s Draft Local Plan for Housing here.