GM Mayor

Andy Burnham’s launched his campaign for GM Mayor. What’s his vision for Greater Manchester?

Last week, Andy Burnham launched his campaign to become the first Greater Manchester Mayor.

Here’s a summary of some of the key things that he had to say about how he would use this new role, if he’s elected as Greater Manchester Mayor next year.

Hope, Not Hate

One thing that recent events such as Brexit and Trump’s win in the US show us is that people are feeling ignored by politicians, don’t feel that they’re being listened to by centralised political establishments, and are looking for answers on how to change things. A void of ideas, especially from the left of politics, is being filled by people with solutions of hate.

This new role of Greater Manchester Mayor is a great opportunity to bring forward new ideas that deal with people’s concerns and issues; but these need to be answers that are based on hope, and not hate.

Smash The London-Centric Approach To Life

We have a situation where the laws and the policies of this country are almost exclusively made by people who live within the M25… So what we’ve had in this country for decades is a London-centric perspective on life, dictating the policies for everybody else.Andy Burnham

There are lots of examples of where Westminster politics has failed Greater Manchester.

When our manufacturing industries were struggling, they were focused on saving the service industries.

When we needed help with affordable homes to rent, they were thinking about Right to Buy.

Westminster has failed the North of England.

And it’s now time for Manchester to challenge the establishment, to refuse to be told what to do by a London-centric elite, and to lead a democratic revolution to allow things to be done differently in Greater Manchester than they are elsewhere.

Getting Closer To Our Communities

People are fed-up with feeling that they’re not being listened to by politicians, and that has to change. Everyone involved in politics needs to listen more closely to what people are saying, and this new role of Greater Manchester Mayor is a great a chance to listen more closely to what people are saying, what their concerns are, and to move politics closer to our communities.

Investing In People

Andy Burnham is putting young people at the heart of his campaign.

He wants all young people leaving school to know that there’s something for them at the end of school, whether that be university, or equally technical qualifications, with a UCAS-style system for apprenticeships across Greater Manchester.

To enable them to get to wherever that apprenticeship is, he wants to offer all 16-18 year olds a concessionary, or even free, bus pass, so they know that they can get there.

And then he wants it to be the young people of Greater Manchester building our new houses, HS2 and HS3, working in our new integrated health and social care service.

A Manifesto Written By The People Of Greater Manchester

Ultimately, Andy wants his election manifesto to be written by engaging with people from across Greater Manchester over the next few months.

A manifesto that people across Greater Manchester recognise as being written by them, addressing the issues that matter to the people of Greater Manchester.

Want to hear what else Andy said?

Here’s a full video of Andy’s campaign launch.