6 thoughts on Trump winning the US Presidential election

I’m still trying to process what just happened in America, but here’s a collection of a few of my thoughts so far on Trump’s victory.

1. We now live in a world where people like Donald Trump are seen as winners.

Parenting just got a whole lot harder.

You tell your kids, ‘Don’t be a bully.’ You tell your kids, ‘Don’t be a bigot.’ You tell your kids, ‘Do your homework and be prepared.’ Then you have this outcome, and you have people putting children to bed tonight and they’re afraid of breakfast.

2. The first black US president will be replaced by a man endorsed by the KKK

Just let that sink in for a minute.

Way to go, America(!)

3. Perhaps we need to stop letting polls tell us who is electable.

Let’s face it. Over the last 18 months, opinion polls haven’t proven to be very good at predicting outcomes of elections and referendums.

General Election 2015

General Election Predictions 2015

EU Referendum

EU Referendum Poll of Polls

US Presidential Election

US Presidential Election Predictions 2016

4. This is proof that emotions will always win over reason.

Hillary Clinton was seen as the safe, rational, status quo candidate.

Donald Trump was seen as the risky, emotional, anti-establishment candidate.

But when you aren’t happy with the way things are, you will always choose the emotional ‘new idea’ offer, rather than the ‘rational’ choice.

5. History has a weird sense of irony.

The US has just elected a president who’s promised to build a wall, on the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

6. This isn’t how the apocalypse was meant to be.

We were promised zombies.

And I had a plan for that scenario…

Shaun of the Dead