6 Reasons I’m voting REMAIN in the EU Referendum

Here are 6 reasons why I’m voting to remain in the EU, in the UK’s EU referendum on 23rd June.

1. British Business

Almost half of our exports go to EU countries, worth over £220 billion a year to our economy.

The EU is the largest single market in the world and over 200,000 British companies export to the EU without having to pay any tariff.

2. British Jobs

Car manufacturing, high-tech industry, financial services; companies from all over the world choose to build their offices and factories in Britain, and recruit staff here because we’re a gateway to the European single market.

In fact, 3 million British jobs are linked to our trade with the EU.

3. Lower Prices

Our membership of the EU helps keep prices down; the Treasury calculates that it saves an average family £4300 a year.

And the AA estimates that leaving the EU could mean petrol prices rising by almost 19p a litre; that’s almost £500 a year in the cost of filling a tank.

4. Britain’s Place As A World Power

The EU has not only been crucial in creating peace and security on our continent, it also helps to build that peace elsewhere too.

And our membership of the EU gives us a strong diplomatic voice in the world, with combined EU diplomacy helping us challenge human rights abuses across the world.

5. Rights At Work

The EU protects many of our rights at work, including rights to minimum paid leave, rights for agency workers, paid maternity and paternity leave, equal pay, anti-discrimination laws, and protection for the workforce when companies change ownership.

Can we really trust this Tory government to continue to protect these in full if we leave the EU?

6. Police Powers To Catch Criminals

The European Arrest Warrant means that the time it takes to extradite a suspected criminal is now days, rather than months, or even years.

Thanks to the European Arrest Warrant, 7,400 suspected criminals and terrorists have been removed from Britain, and 1,100 suspected criminals have been returned from Europe to face British justice.

I’ve put these 6 reasons into a handy little video – please share it if you agree with me!

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